Aphra O’Connor‘s sculpture, print and ceramic works have been made in response to the construction of a new fishing vessel at the Parkol Marine engineering site in Whitby. Documenting the process through her practice and referencing the techniques employed, O’Connor has collected together items that have been discarded during the boat building process, reimagining them as three-dimensional collages.
20-28 January 2017, The Stonehouse Emporium, 1 Skinner Street, Whitby

Towering in the condition of fragments
Evy Jokhova explores our relationship with stone for this site-specific exhibition, in which she presents a range of different voices and references – from the myths of classical antiquity to contemporary architectural structures – as totemic, stacked sculptures reminiscent of cairns and rock sediments. An artist talk and dinner on 28 January includes edible stones.
Until 12 February 2017, Passen-gers, The Brunswick Centre, London WC1N.

We Are All Neurodiverse: New perspectives, new definitions
Susan Jones chairs this panel discussion that addresses and explores ways of raising the profile of neurodivergent artists. Panellists including artist Jon Adams and DASH Arts‘ Mike Layward will explore the contributions and perspectives that autism, dyslexia and ADHD, for example, bring to artistic practices and experiences.
Tuesday 17 January 2017, Attenborough Arts, Lancaster Road, Leicester.

Armour studies (regarding skin)
Jessa Fairbrother‘s self-portraits combine the disciplines of performance, photography and textile art. Intricate embroideries on the photograph – suggestive of lace or engraved metal – ‘dress’ Fairbrother’s figure, as if tattooing the clothing to the body.
16 January – 17 February 2017, Vittoria Street Gallery, School of Jewellery, BCU, Birmingham.

The Dark Wood
Curator Henry Hussey has taken a passage from Dante’s Inferno, likening the search for meaning in mid-life with the act of entering ‘a forest dark’, as the starting point for this exhibition in which the works of five artists convey experiences of loss, estrangement or anxiety.
14 January – 4 February 2017, Transition Gallery, Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8.

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1. Aphra O’Connor, Painted Paint Can, Parkol marine paint cans, cement, enamel, midnight blue ship paint, 2017
2. Evy Jokhova, Waiting for the bus, digital photograph, 2016
3. Johnny Hoglund, Time Capsule
4. Jessa Fairbrother, work from the Armour Studies (Regarding Skin) series

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