Alisha Mir‘s acid etchings on steel often depict human-animal hybrids – beings that are fantastically uncanny. These images are dream-like, seeming almost but not quite real. Mir’s wall sculptures intentionally interfere with the way that the viewer can witness the work, inviting them to move along or step back in order to make sense of the full work.
6-23 April 2017, The Muse at 269, Portobello Road, London W11 1LR.

Offline Is The New Luxury
Alison Ballard explores how our interaction with new technologies and the Internet has changed how we relate to time and liveness. Live Stream of Consciousness is a previously recorded live stream of a 20-minute seated meditation that questions whether technological environments can ever be as relaxing as the natural environment; audio piece The Narrator Is Present considers the difficulty of discerning where online news and information originates and who is actually speaking to us.
7-16 April 2017, Furtherfield Gallery, McKenzie Pavilion Finsbury Park, London N4 2NQ.

Laboratory of Dark Matters
Artists parallel the role of scientists during this laboratory-style show, conducting research and developing new work as the residency-exhibition evolves. These works respond to scientific investigations into the universe, considering how we interpret nature in the face of much that is unknown. The events programme will bring together artists and scientists and also involve live video links to the Boulby Mine science facility, which is deep underground.
6-29 April 2017, Guest Projects, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL.

No Copyright Infringement Intended
Antonio Roberts curates this group exhibition which explores how the changing uses of images and technology affects the way we interact with copyright. Roberts and the ten exhibiting artists suggest that current legislation around copyright and ownership is outdated, positing that there may be better ways of embracing these new methods of sharing data.
7 April – 21 May 2017, Phoenix Leicester, 4 Midland Street, Leicester LE1 1TG.

Conversation Piece
Tom Hackett exhibits a number of suits at Courtyard Gallery that are the result of conversations he had with people he met during walks around Lincoln, Nottingham and Corby in 2016, whilst wearing a suit covered in words. Each suit conveys the incidental and unscripted encounters, which have also been documented in a free newspaper that will be available at the gallery. The exhibition also includes a sound work by artist Julian Woodcock.
15 April – 14 May 2017, The Courtyard Gallery, The Collection, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP.

All of the above are taken from a-n’s Events listings section, featuring events posted by a-n’s members

1. Artwork by Alisha Mir. Courtesy: The Muse at 269
2. ‘Offline Is The New Luxury’, Furtherfield Gallery
3. ‘Laboratory of Dark Matters’, flyer
4. ‘No Copyright Infringement Intended’, flyer
5. Tom Hackett, Conversation suits, 2016

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