Anne Colvin: When does a second become a moment?
Anne Colvin presents When does a second become a moment?a six month ‘interconnective’ residency that exhibits her work over the past three years. Colvin explores the idea that ‘everything and nothing can happen in a second’ through ephemeral, single channel moving images works, as well as online iterations, gallery and offsite events. Colvin will also begin making a poetry journal, which over time will form a new poetry edition.
Until 30 April 2020, Patricia Fleming Gallery, 60-64 Osborne Street, Glasgow G1 5QH.

Nou Wave I
Pop-up gallery Nou Wave presents Nou Wave I, a collaboration between Christopher Spring, creator of Corridor Gallery and Art In Brighton, and artist Constantin III. The group exhibition at The Old Biscuit Factory features work from over 50 artists, from 16 countries and four continents, who have ‘found creations that bring us joy or evoke emotions made in the midst of this political s***show across Europe’.
15-21 November, The Old Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, Bermondsey, London SE16 4DG.

Leicester Print Workshop presents a group exhibition of members’ work. The show is a response to the previous Print/Process/Performance exhibition which featured work by Fluxus and concrete poetry artists from the De Montfort University Art Collection. The artists present work inspired by everyday life and the way language is used, with the exhibition including sound, music and live art performances. ReForm invites the audience to become ‘a collaborator and curator’ by interacting with the work and bringing new perspectives.
15 November – 15 February 2020, Leicester Print Workshop, 50 St George Street, Leicester LE1 1QG.

Zoe Robertson and Rachael Colley: JiMS
This collaboration between artists Zoe Robertson and Rachael Colley sees the pair explore the relationship between body and space in an environment specifically designed for Odox Art Space. Robertson and Colley hope to encourage playful participation from audiences, by offering an immersive experience that allows physical interaction with the space. The concept is drawn from the artists’ early physical learning experiences and participation is by appointment only, emulating a visit to the doctor or other forms of physical examination.
15-30 November, 171 Great Hampton Row, Birmingham B19 3JG.

David Shillinglaw: Happy Place 
British Artist David Shillinglaw invites the audience to explore his ‘Happy Place’ at That Art Gallery. This autobiographical body of work explores various corners of Shillinglaw’s narrative, as he establishes a new restricted colour palette and a streamlined visual vocabulary. The exhibition includes abstract, still life, land- and seascape paintings, and unlike in Shillinglaw’s previous work, these images feature no words and few figures.
15 November-20 December, That Art Gallery, 17 Christmas Steps, Bristol, BS1 5BS.

1. Anne Colvin One Minute 25 Seconds, 2018. Single-channel video, dimensions variable.
2. Nou Wave Poster
3. Leicester Print Workshop, ReForm poster
4. Zoe Robertson and Rachael Colley, JiMS poster
5. David Shillinglaw, Happy Place

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