Following the successes of the Re:view professional development and Go and see Venice Biennale awards, a-n’s bursary programme is expanding to do even more for practitioners. Open to emerging and mid-career artists, New collaborations bursaries of £500-£1,000 will support artists’ critical and artistic development through buying time to research into new collaborations.

The bursary scheme is part of a-n’s commitment to professional development within a programme that also includes AIRTIME information and networking sessions, the seminar programme and online and expert

a-n Director Susan Jones said: “It continues to be very tough financially for artists. Our conversations confirm that it’s personalised development opportunities they’re after. They want to buy time to explore new directions in their practice, as a route to secure commissions and shows in a highly competitive environment.”

Bursary recipients

Artists who have benefited from a-n’s previous bursaries include Susan Francis, recipient of a Re:view bursary. Writing on her blog, she said: ‘This bursary’s brilliant for providing the mental catalyst to just keeping pushing forward.’ Feedback on the Go and see Venice Biennale bursaries has been universally positive, with artists gaining confidence, contacts and new ideas from the experience.

New collaborations bursaries fall within the portfolio of professional development provision open exclusively to artists who hold current membership of a-n+AIR. The scheme specifically enables artists to explore a new collaborative relationship with other artists or professionals from within or beyond the visual arts. Applications are being accepted from today until 26 September 2013.

See New collaborations for full details and to make an application.

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