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Final Call for Flask Publication Issue 1

Flask (noun): A special container that keeps liquids hot or cold.

Jug, beaker, canteen, carafe, chalice, decanter, urn, alembic, ampulla, caster..…

Call it what you want but a flask is a flask!

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Vive la Vole

A study from life of some very tiny creatures!

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Contract woes!

Back in 2013 I did a series of illustrations for a local author who was wanting to self publish her children’s book.  I drew up a contract for her license to use the images which was valid for five years.  […]

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Tagtool Animation Test

I have been experimenting with Tagtool to find the best solution for a live performance. I like the way the flowers move and the subtle gestures of the character.

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Tagtool Test 1 After a lot of experimentation with different software and hardware solutions, I settled on using the app Tagtool for the iPad. Tagtool transforms illustrations into digital puppets and then using some simple tools animates them. I was introduced to […]

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Forest Fields and Hyson Green is an area of constant revitalisation, rejuvenation and flux. It is a starting point for some and a constant home for others. People come and go regularly, setting up homes and businesses then move on […]

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Colored shadows

Not all shadows are black. Here are some experiments with purple and magenta main tones to keep things harmonious.

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Artists’ Books #33: Jim Butler – Blackrock Sequence

Artist and Cambridge School of Art lecturer Jim Butler won the ‘professional book’ category at this year’s World Illustration Awards with his screenprinted book, Blackrock Sequence. Sarah Bodman is impressed by his subtle interweaving of image and text.

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