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Give me some truth

My initial idea of gauging an artists lot in Italy was beginning to seem redundant. Basically, the situation for artists, more or less, is the same the world over. We are all pursuing an ideal, a conviction or a vocation […]

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Chromogenic Prints vs Pigment Prints

Personally, I find an aesthetic appeal on the C-Prints (Fujiflex or Kodak Endura Metallic photographic paper). They are very similar to the Cibachrome that I enjoyed when I started printing years ago from the film…

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The Mafia Is Trashing Italy… Literally (2009)

Currently watching: The Mafia Is Trashing Italy… Literally (2009) VICE Film footage shows the mountains of garbage bales with commentary on the scale of the issue in Naples and the surrounding Campania region. Interviews with farmers from the affected regions […]

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