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So I have sold all the Easter cards – I am in full lockdown so my husband has to go out and post them to buyers but thankfully I am able to reduce contact with post office staff by using […]

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Another sale!

This piece will soon be on show in The Allotment, a lovely small restaurant owned and run by an artist friend who has just bought it. Thank you Victoria! Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some lino reduction prints, though I am […]

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More sales

Sometimes the unexpected happens. I took a friend to see some work in a small exhibition of drawings by participants in the CHALKUP21 drawing show, which includes work by me and I ended up selling her one. This brings this […]

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Giclee Printers, recommendations, please.

Can anybody recommend any giclee printers please? Thanks. Also how have you decided in the past at what size to make the edition and do you enlarge or reduce the image? Would you sell the original work as well?

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Event Exhibition


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    Tripp Gallery London
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    December 05, 2016
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    December 22, 2016
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Print work

My project for this year is revolving around the issues surrounding gender equality, focusing on Emma Watson’s UN speech on the subject. By issues, I mean the fact that women and men are expected to have completely different personas because society […]

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