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Do We Need to Grow Up?, NewBridge Project, Newcastle, September 2015. Image courtesy of The NewBridge Project
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Time to grow up? I’d rather stand up and be counted

Set against the backdrop of its Newcastle city centre building being lost to redevelopment, a recent two-day event at the artist-led NewBridge Project in Newcastle asked whether it was time for artists to ‘grow up’ and accept the new agenda of cuts, philanthropy and big business sponsorship. Artist Lesley Guy joined in the conversation and came to a different conclusion.

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The Royal Academy's Kickstarter campaign for Ai Weiwei's Tree sculptures
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Crowdfunding the arts: why it’s about much more than money

As crowdfunding is increasingly adopted by large arts organisations as a fast-track alternative to dwindling public funding, Henrietta Norton – co-founder of the early crowdfunding site WeDidThis – argues that the spirit of risk taking and innovation that inspired early adopters needs to be embraced by these high-profile newcomers.

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