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Social Media Internship

The Lumen Prize is looking for a Social Media Intern to assist with Lumen’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting on each channel regularly to promote our competition, our artists and our events.

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  • Venue:
    The Muse at 269 Gallery | Studio
  • From:
    May 18, 2017
  • To:
    May 28, 2017
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Blog Post

Penultimate meeting and a death

So it’s been a while since I posted here and that is because due to my father being very unwell and my mentor being in the US for two months I had a gap in my mentoring program but on […]

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‘Getting your work across’

Yesterday, I went to a talk at the Walker Art Gallery, by Enzo Marra –  a John Moores painting prize exhibitor.  I’ve wanted to go to a few of the talks, but haven’t been able to as they all fall […]

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Blog Post

Drawing on Vine

Its time to keep telling this story.  I know its going to be a struggle to translate the last few weeks into something clear and coherent, hence the gin and tonic again.  In my last post I was rambling through […]

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Photo Credit: Malcolm Crowthers.
Blog Artist

‘Drawing on Vine’ – Social Media – Research and Rewards

I’m an artist living and working in London. I draw sprawling, delicate cities inspired by geometry, nature and architecture. In this blog post I recall my last 18 months of drawing on ‘Vine’ and my recent participation as a nominated ‘Best Vine Artist’ in the ‘Shorty Awards’

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The Artist, The Pianist and the Bass Player

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I have often asked, of specific people, and of the world, through social media, “How do people cope with the world if they aren’t artists?” It is a genuine question, as my response to […]

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Social Media and networking

According to social media, on this day  two years ago, I was ‘off to the AIR: Artists Interaction and Representation consultation for invited artists at Castlefield Gallery‘. Six years ago, I was commissioned to design one of the penguins that were to […]

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Blog Post

all or nothing

‘all or nothing’ was how I was once aptly described by my friend’s mum. It then became the title of my first solo exhibition. Contemplating a title for this blog, it was the first title to spring to mind and, […]

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Blog Post

Rubbish Dialogue

Rubbish Dialogue is a new twitter project facilitated by the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish Research Department. Rubbish Dialogue examines the relationship between rubbish and language through ‘talking rubbish’ on social media platform Twitter. Anyone can participate by tweeting @rubbishdialogue with […]

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Blog Post

The invisible woman

I’m not very good at documenting my work. I realised this when I decided to set up a facebook ‘artist’ page, to use as a tool to separate images of my work from personal posts . Where is my work??? […]

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Masa Kepic helped instigate a-n’s first live Twitter debate, here she gives an overview of the issues raised.

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Sam Firth

Sam Firth is currently working on a year-long video project on a remote Scottish peninsula near her home on Knoydart, an isolated community of just over 100 people. She talks to Andrew Bryant about personal narrative, securing funding and recent media criticism attracted by her current project.

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Digital partners

The social media revolution has had a significant impact on the ways artists work. Here we focus on a selection of projects that artists have developed through online collaboration, sourced via our Twitter and Facebook followings.

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More ways to make and save money

The continued economic doldrums and uncertainty in public funding make it more important than ever for artists to find ways to make and save money. So here are some tips – old and new – from the a-n community.

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Worlds in the Making
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Make digital

Artists and designers embracing digital learning, production and distribution.

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Venn of Connectedness, Twitter Followers 270/24.08.11
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Venn of connectedness

Manchester-based artist Jacqueline Wylie is researching ways in which artists use social media.

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