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Translating the street

I’m writing about my studio, but to be honest, I’ve had no time to work in there these last few months. I have worked…. though at home, whenever I could. I’ve been trying to raise cash for future projects, so […]

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Inventory of Behaviours: finding value in the things artists do when not making artworks

Following a call-out asking artists to submit their ‘preparations, patterns, neuroses, speculations, and procrastinations that surround the production of art in the studio’, the four-day Inventory of Behaviours event at Tate Modern saw these submissions turned into instructions that were carried out by volunteer artists, students and members of the public. Trevor H. Smith explores the value of the transitional space between not making and making art.

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“Almost respectable”: the resurgence of ceramics

Recent years have seen a renewed interest in clay as many contemporary artists embrace the medium in their work. As the British Ceramics Biennial continues in Stoke and Tate Modern hosts Ceramics Factory, Pippa Koszerek talks about its renewed appeal with the biennial’s artistic director and artists Clare Twomey and Jesse Wine.

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Making rent, making work: the strapped for cash art

One half of the London-based performance company There There with Dana Olărescu, Bojana Janković argues that the economic pressures more and more artists face are ultimately shaping the kind of work that gets made, especially by emerging artists, with profound and long-term consequences.

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