After a few weeks of reflecting on the audio that I have already completed, I was pleased to receive feedback from the Glen Finglas site ranger Gwen Raes. She is very happy with how the sound work is developing and even has a few favourites already:- Haiku 2 Lendrick Hill and Dam Loop, Poem 3 Lendrick Hill and Dam Loop, Poem 5 Lendrick Hill and Dam Loop and Royal Mail Lower Lendrick Loop.

I have some additional poems to work on that will need to be recorded. I will also need to record some additional field recordings and natural sounds that will sit underneath the spoken words.


It is written on the arched sky;

It looks out from every star.

It is the poetry of Nature;

It is that which uplifts the spirit within us

– John Ruskin, provided by Gill Walker



Bell flowers hanging down, hiding bright white

Calm, soothing little flower

Lightens up ones soul and mind

Here for a short time, they come and are gone

Little clusters unlocking natures beauty early spring

Surrounded by tree, deer and birds orchestra

Carpet of purple and blue covering woodland floor

Silent present

– Bluebell Poem, Gwen Raes