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In Kind opening, CCA, Glasgow, April 2018. Courtesy: In Kind
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In Kind and out of pocket: the hidden costs of artists working for free

During this year’s Glasgow International, artists Ailie Rutherford and Janie Nicoll presented In Kind, an action research project using the festival as a case study in order to chart the “hidden economies of the visual arts”. Fellow Glasgow-based artist Jessica Ramm finds out what they discovered and ponders where to go next.

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Urs Fischer
Maybe (detail), 2018
2 x mechanical snails
13.3 x 5.5. x 6 cm
5.2 x 2.2 x 2.4 in
Edition of 3 + 2 AP
Photo: Patrick Jameson
© Urs Fischer. Courtesy of the artist and The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow
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Glasgow International 2018: recommended shows and works from across the festival

With nearly 100 exhibitions and featuring more than 250 artists, the eighth Glasgow International festival, which continues until 7 May, is a bustlingly busy affair taking place in venues across Scotland’s largest city. To help you navigate it, seven writers on the a-n Writer Development Programme 2017-18 offer their recommendations following an intense and varied opening weekend.

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Hardeep Pandhal, 'Konfessions of a Klabautermann', exhibition view, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, September 2017. Photo: Max Slaven; Courtesy: the artistl
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A Q&A with… Hardeep Pandhal, Glasgow International artist

As he prepares for his Glasgow International solo show at Kelvin Hall, Jessica Ramm – who is also exhibiting during GI – talks to the Glasgow-based artist about authority, control and power, and how his work offsets some of the grandeur of the city’s colonial past.

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Richard Parry, director, Glasgow International. Photo:  Jonathan Lynch
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A Q&A with… Richard Parry, Glasgow International director

Richard Parry was appointed director of the biennial Glasgow International festival in May last year, following a move from Blackpool where he was director/curator at the Grundy Gallery. Chris Sharratt talks to him about the artistic rhythm of Glasgow’s rich and vibrant art scene, and his approach to curating the festival, which is now in its eighth edition.

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Damien Meade, Untitled, 65x49.5cm, oil on wood, 2018. Courtesy: Peter von Kant
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Now Showing #239: The week’s top exhibitions

This week’s selection of recommended shows includes: new works by Karen Cunningham in Dumfriesshire, Damien Meade’s paintings based on clay maquettes in London, William Copley’s mail art project in Sheffield, and Jenny Saville’s portraits in Edinburgh.

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Research Reflections #1

I am half way through my PhD first year in the music department at the University of Aberdeen. Over this time I have focused on my thesis topic, re-focused on my thesis topic and changed my topic! I have started […]

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not quite sure how this fits or what this does

Opps/ Things to check out/ Scotland

Adding events and opportunities to attend or visit, focusing on craft in Scotland. Trying to group together things that  are either similar to the work I do or what I aspire to. Dark, macabre, Gothic, rebellious, large body adornment/jewellery/accessories/clothing. […]

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