In the morning I tried to find the English book shop but it was hard to locate it. I headed for Zoom Pizza for a much needed coffee. There was Pauline who originally told me about it and she kindly took me there where I met the proprietor Mohammed a lovely chap who spoke good English and loved books. I asked him for any art books and he looked despondent saying he only had a few. This meant about 10! and so I purchased 6 of the books and he looked sad at letting them go so I only took 2 for now and bought another 2 the following week. It is an amazing shop rammed full of books and a must visit for inspiration and a nice chat.

After that Pauline invited me to Hotel Golden Tulip Farah for a drink and mentioned nice views so it seemed a good idea now I had a book to read. ‘Silent Poetry’, Deafness, Sign, And Visual Culture in Modern France by Nicholas Mirzoeff was the book I picked up because it was about art and a loss of one of the senses – that of the ear. I thought there might be something useful in it regarding my work with the blind singer Toufik.

Hotel is at Makhlouf 10, Rabat 10000, Morocco.

Later that evening I met up Rachid once again to draw up a plan of action for organising people during Ramadan as their routine is different than usual.