After seeing all the wonderful Murals throughout Rabat I met with artist Hatim Gueddari and we arranged a project very close to his heart. We organised a meeting with his art friends and Marouane Aouinat a Fine artist who I met via facebook.

Hatim has a small building (no roof) which eventually will become a home but it has been neglected over the years due to economic reasons. It is in a town called Gueddari in Sidi Kacem Province and according to the 2004 census it has a population of 6,011. It’s about 2 hours drive from Rabat and is rural.

The aim was to discuss and arrive at a concept for one side of this building and we all agreed on ‘The Universe’. The work was to be completed in half a day due to Hatim’s work commitments. A couple of days later on the Saturday I hired a car and bought some paint etc and we set off on our adventure. The artists involved were myself, Hatim Gueddari, Marouane Aouinat, Leila Imad and Rachid El Alaoui a philosophy teacher in Rabat.

At the time it was still Ramadan with no drinking or eating so it was an added challenge. The project was successful with a strong sense of achievement even though it still needs another days work in the future ‘INSHALLAH’. I hope to help complete this worth while painting in the future.

In-between breaks I took photographs and made some sound recording. We broke the fast in the evening about 7.30pm just after I watched and videoed the descending golden sun disappear behind the palm trees and another special memory made.