Elizabeth Andrews To Do Pile

Elizabeth Andrews was born in Penderyn, Rhondda Cynon Taf in 1882.

After first hand experience of the horrid mining conditions within Rhondda communities, in 1919 Andrews worked as a campaigner for mining families of the Rhondda valley. The introduction of pitthead showers were largely down to her, with the help of two other miners wives giving evidence of the working life’s of women in the mining communities to the Sankey commission.

Caring “passionately about the suffering she saw around her and vowed to change the lot

of miners’ wives in the South Wales valleys”, she helped outline the poor social conditions such as:

Over crowded homes.

Poor sanitation.

High death rate of their children.

The lifting, carrying and moving of boiling water often resulting in scalding’s

High miscarriage rate.

Constant drying of clothes in small damp kitchens having detrimental effects on family health.