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So last week I did my first completely solo coaching session outside of the course (still for free) and with someone I do not already have a connection.  I have already undertaken hours of coaching, whilst on the course and in between modules with another one of the members, but this was different and far more scary.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the intake session (30 minutes to talk a little more about the process and what the coachee would like to focus on during our sessions) was done over the phone.  This I find fairly tricky as without all those other cues we get from watching people as they speak and think something through, it is much harder to judge when to interject and when to continue to allow the silence to go on.

Silence is one of those things that is of paramount importance to coaching, your ability as the coach to hold that silent space is so important in allowing your client to process what they’re saying and what they’re thinking.

I digress… so although the situation made me nervous it went well.  At the end of the session we had begun to build up a rapport and I look forward to helping my client reach her goals.