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So this week I made a breakthrough and I largely owe that to coaching, my co-coach and the way coaching has really allowed me to work through and process stuff I had not been dealing with.

Although coaching is not counselling, it has to be said, that it can almost have a therapeutic affect on those undergoing it.  It has had such an affect on me.  By saying this I have not followed a plan, or been given solutions from my coach.  More it has enabled me to re-frame how I’m looking at stuff and find a way to move past those excuses I have been making for myself.

I have been depressed lately.  Over the death of my dad and more recently, my very old dog and first pet with my now husband, the loss of our first gallery space owing to our Landlord being able to make more money by installing a pizza restaurant, and just other stuff in general which seemed to be mounting up.  Anyway,  through the learning on the course I have really allowed myself to open up to deal with this stuff as it became obvious quite quick into the course that this was the shit that was getting in my way.

This last week I’ve had a breakthrough.  I have been swimming 3 times at the beach and I am going to be taking up wild swimming.  A new member of our board has a kayak which my family are going to borrow, this is fantastic as we were going to rent one out, to have a go as it was our plan to take up kayaking and now we don’t have to and I have almost finished my first piece of work in months…… this is a huge breakthrough for me as I have been unable to work on anything since I lost my studio, but I feel I am now turning a very real corner thanks to coaching!