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It appeared that I have chance to get and use a studio in University. I am here for two weeks, and I have at least opportunity to have a studio. I feel I am lucky one! :) This will be good start for UK experience. As artist I need a space. My own space where I can turn it into my place. My place to create, to think and visualize my thought. I believe that my satisfaction can be just completed in this way.At least try to complete… Because I believe that Artists who has feeling the frustration in every place she/he exist. Well, at least I feel like this!

When making a proposal came to the subject that changes your working environment, it creates more frustration. YOu need to be more clarify and, simply tell about “what you gonna do in that time” and what kind of benefits can occur out of this duration of working process.

This all is asking from artist nowadays. Artist creates project. Artist can find a place according to their proposal of project. But matter of fact that, this way changes also the way of working, changes of the process of artworks.

For me, as I try to find a good sight of this, and I found project based working way kind of challenge! that makes myself more concentrate on thoughts, clarify thoughts in front of me and helping to frame my ideas in to visual representation, even though personally and (as an artist), I’m tend to spontaneous, random and open to influences and impacts from the surroundings around me in my creative process.