On 23rd September 2017 I visited the Tate Britain to see an exhibition of Rachel Whiteread’s work.  I have been interested in the processes behind the making of her works, particularly the way in which ordinary objects are cast and transformed.

The negative space is solidified and inverted to create unusually minimalistic forms.  Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) is a series of coloured resin casts from the underside of found chairs.  The wear and tear and traces of use are cast, solidifying the imperfections of everyday objects.  I am interested in how Whiteread’s casts are sometimes transient and temporary pieces, for example, House which was demolished along with the original Victorian house which it was cast from.  Consequently, documentation has formed a crucial part of the processes involved in Whiteread’s works.

In my own practice, I am interested in exploring casting of everyday objects and also linking this with destruction and temporary works.  I am considering casting objects using ice so that the cast is a temporary piece not designed to last.