Talking to Paula, the archivist at the baths about how she catalogs items

and how I might mirror her process to create an archive of the future

Looking at objects from Paula’s archive. What will the equivalent objects be in the future?


A lesson in writing in Arabic

There are so many languages spoken here I’m hoping to have text translated into at least three languages: Urdu, Slovakian and Romanian

The men at the local mosque kindly gave me a crash course in hand-writing Urdu this afternoon


More amazing people and tasty food today.

Making soup and canelloni with Govanhill Grub and a community barbecue on a tiny patch of ground recently transformed as a veg garden

And a caramel wafer


Started asking people to think 100 years into the future. What will be happening here at The Baths by  2114?

It will still be a wellbeing centre. By then our lifespans will be longer so life expectancy will exceed 100 years. What will wellbeing mean in 2114? What will religion be? We’ll be speaking a language that hasn’t been written yet; an amalgamation of all the different languages that currently exist here. Govanhill acts as a keyhole to Scotland. Migrants always come here first so it always reflects Scotlands history of immigration. Who will the migrants and refugees be in 2114?

Climate refugee camp.


An alien egg incubation unit

It will be a multi-purpose space for wellbeing. Health practitioners will hold surgeries as alternative therapies become more prevalent and the idea of treatment changes and develops. People won’t just see their GP when they are ill. General Practitioners will hold surgeries to maintain wellness rather than to medicate people. It will be more holistic as doctors become more interested in alternative therapy and paths to healing, like the Nature Cure centres in India. 

Sport-Art complex. We will have unbelievable art-sport crossovers and artforms will crossover more and more.

As community level politics becomes the norm across Scotland the baths will become increasingly important as a centre of community action and activism.

Govanhill being less technologically focussed than the city centre, it will maintain a tradition where things happen by word of mouth, in the street and a place where people don’t have to consume to create.

The renegades of the future will grow their own food and communicate by work of mouth