Discussing possible futures with ESOL women’s group at Govanhill Library 

We will see a return to more communal living, more community cafes, libraries will change their function and become places where meetings happen and people can find information of all sorts


Healthy community will be better educated and more aware of eating healthily

In 100 years time everyone will be growing their own food and herbs, medicinal herbs

People will go back to basics using herbal remedies rather than pharmaceuticals

We will have moved away from money being the main concern

Manufacturing will become more localised and we will understand the importance of locally produced goods contributing to the local economy so more local employment

People will knit and sew

We will see a shift in values and people will need to be able to make things, cook, garden

People who cannot make things directly will no longer hold the most power

The baths will again be used for communal washing drying of clothes

Technology will allow us to be connected globally with other local networks

There will be less depression because people will talk more to each other  and people will leave their front doors open again

I am confident that in 100 years time women will be running more businesses

The Baths will play an increasingly important role as a community hub, the local streets will be pedestrianised and green. The Baths will link to the library and local businesses, people move from one to the other for yoga, food, meetings, to give and receive advice

Community banking

Bike share and trolley share to get around and to move heavy things like shopping

Local swap shops

Knitting garden