Virtual swimming suit

No water necessary


Talking soap for regulating water usage

As water becomes an increasingly precious resource we return to communal bathing.

Speaks in 100 languages “You have used your water allowance for today please exit the shower”


TECHNOLOGY in 2114 Everything you can imagine is possible

Art will continue to exist if (when) technology fails. Art is from the mind and not reliant on technology

Hipsters in 2114 REJECTING (not using) technology

The Baths building will be up and running for people to use as it should be –

Virtual reality swimwear – no water needed

Machine in-house to make new body parts when something not working right

We will not need phones it will be a micro-chip in your body

Grow your own body parts

No doctors. Everything will be done by robots.

Genetics will allow.

Good wellbeing will be part of everyday life.

Shorter working week and build in time to be healthy. It will be part of our culture to include this time.

The weather will be much hotter.

We will eat in silence.

Groovy community

Less illness

It will be easy to participate in things that keep us healthy; exercise, finances won’t be a barrier, local parks will continue to be important.

We will be connected to each other and the environment.

There will be no TV or cars in a healthy community


What will we be eating?

Communication – We will have internal USB/Firewire connections to connect into hubs

Art will be baffling as it is now

Art will be used as communication

Art in 2114 will look like nothing now

It will look like rubbish. I don’t like modern art. It will be evn worse

Landscapes painted by Turner will confuse people in 2114. How did the Earth look like that?

Smoking will simply not exist.

We are currently in 2014 at a high point in resource consumption.

We will return to more communal living as resources become more precious people will go back to bathing in public facilities and less often.

Using recycled water more directly.

By 2114 and even in 30 years we won’t be able to ignore looming environmental disaster so people will have to find alternative means of transport.

Roads will be closed to cars and children will play oot all the time again.

New transport, new inventions self-powered but centrally regulated and controlled.

New forms of transport leading on from bikes, scooters, skateboards

The Green Party will be an important party in 100 years, the mainstream.

Or we will have no political parties but community level involvement and people will be familiar in talking with strangers

Merging art forms

Sensual experience art as body immersion; sensory, smell, touch, mind

Artists all think about how they can have a political impact and people work together for creative change.

Art is linked with politics, sport, health, currency, communication….

More involvement in art by all people. Not just for aesthetic means but for social change.

Tiny floating computers linked to our brains.

Communication by telepathy

There is so much more to us as humans

smile – listen – smile – think of others

We communicate better with each other but quietness is also important

Human behaviour is always the same. The inquiring nature and urge to create will continue to exist only the tools change.

Searching through landfills

Mass art

Serious games

The space closes between physical and digital

Everyone will be robots in some way

Wealth will be shared


You Are Invited to Lunch
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as part of Doors Open Days
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Lunch times 12 noon and 1pm

Lunch will be provided free of charge and food will be vegetarian

An event by
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