The kids at Big Noise and Primary six at Holy Cross school asked each other to imagine 2114

New types of fruits will be created. Fruit combinations “orana” from the  DNA combiner to mix fruits

Scientific methods for growing fruit

New medicines and cures

Better ways of transporting food – teleportation of food – you write down the fruit you want to eat on you hand and it appears in your hand

Staying healthy will be the same as it is now – eating healthy food, getting fresh air and exercise


How will we communicate in 2114?

New international sign language using body language, signing, eye movement

Blinking means something

New words

Chip in your ear for hearing air waves from far away

Translation glass – person one one side speaking one language person on other side speaks different language – glass translates

Hologram phones

A headset to help you see holograms


What will music sound like in 2114?


What will art look like in 2114?

Gloves to move objects on a painting and change the composition you can move what’s on the picture with your hand, get rid of mistakes

New colours that we have never seen before


What will a healthy community feel like in 2114?


Fish farm, theatre on stilts, mushroom basement