I promised in my last blog post to share the process of making the book ‘I am not Jasper Phillimore’ so here goes.

The initial images were taken from digital photographs of the originals. These were turned in to half tone images using Photoshop and then printed on to acetate using a digital printer. These ‘transparencies’ were used to expose the screens ready for printing the images. I produced two different sizes to begin with as I wasn’t sure what scale I wanted the finished book and so made two maquettes; from these I made the decision to make the smaller scale version as it felt far more intimate and more akin to the experience of exploring the archive. Once the scale was decided it was possible to work out the measurements for the paper – a long length that could be folded to make a concertina.


The paper was measured and marked for the layout of each ‘page’ making sure two blank sections are left at either end to attach the covers. Each page was then screen printed one by one.



The printed paper, when dry was then folded into it’s final concertina form making sure all the folds were equal and then put under weights overnight.


The covers of the book are made from card, grey board or mount board works well, and then covered in paper that has been printed digitally with the book title and image. I used a PH neutral paper wheat paste glue and acid free card and paper  throughout to avoid discolouration and to ensure the archival quality of the finished book.


Once each cover had dried thoroughly they were attached with the glue to the blank sections at either end of the book.

Once the covers are dry the end papers and sewn signatures are added. Each of these were designed and printed digitally.


The signatures are sewn using a simple 3 hole pamphlet stitch.  The whole book is then folded and placed under weights overnight.