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Thank you for your amazing feedback in response to my last blog post. The sincere and heartfelt expressions of support are gratefully appreciated. I had a break and a think and have made a new piece of work about the refugee crisis.

I’m working with objects – or rather the idea of objects, creating new (art) objects fuelled by their power to communicate human experience.

As I work with layers of paper, bringing a series of flat pattern pieces into 3 dimensional form, the tactile properties of garments come alive.  As this little coat takes shape I feel waves of experience flow through it. Those moments held in memory – the day the coat arrived – a cousin’s hand-me-down and I pulled it tight round me to fit; the coats’ smell and feel; the way light fell on the fabric on a cold bright day at the coast.

All these notions and more flash through my mind as I assemble the coat – but they are not MY memories but imagined reminiscences. I’m creating a narrative of imagined lives.

Using the child’s coat as a vessel for experience I am working with ideas of disruption and displacement, resilience and refuge.

The work is on show from Thursday 7th April as part of ‘Framework Now’ at The Apple Store Gallery, Hereford.