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Tracing the Pathway are four bodies, each unique and fixed, yet porous. We are one, shifting whole – an ecology dependent on its constituent parts. As a fluid mass we merge and collide with other beings we encounter along our path. New perspectives forge an itinerant-based knowledge.

This Fluid Ecology is the interrelationship between site, encounter and body, between and beyond ourselves, that might sensuously develop knowledge in many forms. This transcending process unfolds our shared, reciprocal worlds; an artistic contiguous living system.



I write this from an apartment in Greenland, a couple of days before Tracing the Pathway go to meet Sisters Hope, a Danish artist collective. We are meeting them with thanks to the generous assistance of an a-n Go and See Bursary, with the intention of sharing, exchanging, and becoming fluid. Throughout this time I will offer insights into our experiences of meeting Sisters Hope and being immersed in this wild landscape, however my posts will be interspersed with the voices of other Tracing the pathway members: Joe Dunne and Cara Davies. As part of this process we will reflect on how the a-n bursary has enabled us to grow and develop as a collective for the future. This means at times it will be pertinent to offer subjective interludes from previous manifestations of Tracing the Pathway practice; perhaps allowing the assemblage of past, present and future to pulsate more dynamically in pixel-black, or perhaps to coagulate the unsystematic subjectivity of our individual voices.

Divergent of time and context, we shall explore here how our ecology might be linear when you think of it, but not when you think back on it.