I’ve spent most of this morning clearing my busy desktop, both on my computer and my mind. With a clear desktop and clear studio I’ve been reflecting over my recent practice and have enjoyed the digital distance of working on my typewriter as opposed to a screen. Unlike the processor on my laptop my mind can’t keep up with the hyper-speed transmission of data we have become accustomed to (as much as I sometimes wish it could).

When browsing the web and things don’t load properly its recommended you refresh you page, this week I’ve taken the time to refresh the studio and my memory of my recent practice. I’ve become so saturated with ideas and influences my syntax has become saturated by IF_Then conditionals.

‘ Multiple-line syntax:

If condition [ Then ]

[ statements ]

[ ElseIf elseifcondition [ Then ]

[ elseifstatements ] ]

[ Else

[ elsestatements ] ]

End If


‘ Single-line syntax:

If condition Then [ statements ] [ Else [ elsestatements ] ]




Ok, in addition to emptying the studio and starting afresh I decided to think about how I frame my practice and what theory and contextual factors influence my practice. In order to document this process I created a mind map which I have titled; “Google only knows the answer if you  know the question” because if you don’t know what your searching for Google can’t help. In my case I wasn’t sure where I was going for the degree show, but now I have a base to work from, see below for mind map in progress:

Whilst going through the motions of refreshing I have been afforded the opportunity to reflect on my practice from the past few months. I look forward to the next few months and seeing how my practice goes through the motions whilst loading the degree show.