Extracts from recent conversations with Rebecca Spooner, Adrian Healy, Caroline Wright

White false teeth sitting on the bridge

Insider outsider remit.


apart from some assumptions,

knowledge is power.

Conversations around mapping

overlap happens.

Even up the balance.

We watched a lot of you-tube


The fluid path,

the flip side.

Attraction and repulsion,

they built a bridge

about authority.


People respond to symbols

follow a path

stone staircases, is that a mountain?

I could never find the church


A working mountain

common rights, regular intervals

our perceptions can change,

somebody else brings

the upset,

disturbance as eddying

skirting the edge,


notions of resilience

a response to the shock

learned behaviour

What are the choices?

Resilience as an internal characteristic,

political philosophies, new ideas and mindsets,

meaning or significance.

The role of preservation

to protect you have to restrict.


Adaptive nature – give it a different value.

Metal relics that we find

find new forms

form has been preserved


Meaning has been destroyed.

Accretion and deletion,

the drawing exchange

… blank.

Two strangers,

corridors of connectivity,

other notions of proximity

creating those conversations;

voice and exit,

innovating to meet

smart specialisation.


A long conversation around balance


The imbalance between the known and the unknown.

Different strategies.

Soil samples,

the holy mountain, Skirrid.

‘I feel quite blank’, a sort of neutrality

takes me out of my area,

the connection is lost.


Deeper understanding

how we deal with shocks,

a voluntary shock to ourselves.


We’ve invited disturbance