The third and final presentation for the Test Bed show at Oriel Davies Gallery is now on view until 7th January 2017.

It has been a fascinating journey towards the personal presentation of the work for the Test Bed gallery. The initial presentation where the space was shared between us both set up a relationship between the work, in dialogue from wall to wall across the room. This was followed by Penny’s installation of tiny paintings seen through magnifying lenses that were affixed into strong sculptural pieces of rusted metaI. Caroline’s cone shaped landscape sculptures filled the floor, preventing entry to the gallery. What was apparent was that both mini shows played with the perception of space, distance, perception and control.

Oriel Davies have made a film sequence of the 3 presentations in the space.

Yasmin Canvin offered her critical views on the work in discussion and we all contributed to a discussion about collaboration with Oriel Davies Gallery’s Drawing Room residency artists Lisa Wilkens and Morag Colquhoun.