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‘Baby baby’  Tissue paper, 2015/6

The power of birth! This particular piece is identifying our beginning, the hopes and dreams of a new life, innocence and happiness. All before LIFE’S stuff, incidents and perceptions are propelled, like the drivers in a busy city. Then you grow up and may change, either because you’ve learnt enough that you want to or have been hurt enough that you have to. Learning along the way that you need to accept yourself, value, express, trust and empower one another.

My concepts communicate ideas that I explore and study. It is a way in which I work, using the perceptions as observations to depict my cultural lens and post-memory.  I also create from my life proficiencies, depicting close family, mainly because it’s truth and experiences, and everyday life and happenings.

I do use the influences from Poet Maya Angelou, ‘Still I Rise’, to Author Alice Walker, ‘We Are The Ones We Are Waiting On’  and including Films, such as ‘Colour Purple’, ‘Imitation of Life’, and ‘Beauty Shop.’

Standing tall: Damien Hirst’s 67-foot bronze statue of a pregnant woman – called Verity – looks out over the sea from Ilfracombe, Dorset.

In researching, I came across this strong striking work.

Check out this great piece by Damien it is to represent birth and beginnings I think he cleverly depicted the strength of a woman while carrying a child, I especially am drawn to the way he has depicted the anatomy also.