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Moving freely in the space. Maintaining a closeness to somebody, keeping distance from another. Moving with imagined connections with the whole group, with the whole group in your vision.

Thinking anatomically, moving with the spine, the skull, the arms, each individual bone in the leg. Moving through the connections.

Individually developing a short movement sequence.

Finding a group with contrasting quality of movement. Together, develop a score that combines them. Add to this elements from prior sessions: Unison, Cannon, Contrast, Stillness, Spacing, and so on.

We presented, shared and discussed these sequences.

Moving with a partner as though we had a single consciousness, avoiding initiating, avoiding following, avoiding thinking and decisions. It may not look the same or be the same but think of it as the same.


Joe Moran Singular

Rosemary Butcher  and the work Hidden Voices