There’s nothing like an enforced stoppage to halt the flow of creative writing and thus the onset of laziness with keeping one’s blog up to date! But I’m back finally and A-N has an updated, much-awaited sparkly new website to boot.

So where was I? Well there has been a natural lull in my project anyway, since the Brighton part – the Fantastic Tales Danish exhibition at The Ceramic House and my participation in the Regency Townhouse exhibition – ended.

I have been busy working on various commissions and organizing the next (and final) leg of this project; my return to Denmark for 5 weeks in September to participate in European Ceramic Context 2014, which is a biennial on the island of Bornholm (Danish “Potteries” if you like); every 2 years it focuses on glass and every 2 years it’s ceramic. I will create a new installation – a combination of the two pieces that I made in residence at the Danish International Ceramic Research Centre this February and exhibited in the two exhibitions mentioned above in Brighton in May. Whereas the two pieces, that are versions of the same piece fired in very different ways, were previously exhibited separately, I will now seek to combine them into one very large wall-based installation. I have been invited to exhibit in the library in Rønne, the main town on the island of Bornholm.

I have also had evaluation sessions with my mentors for this project to assess how everything went. The first was from the coaching and creative business support group Culture Shift. It was good to look back and see what worked and didn’t work, what the positive and negative results of the project so far have been and where to go next. Lots of ideas flying around and so many directions this could go.

It is exciting to think about the future and what might happen next with regard to my role as a curator, which is clearly something that it would be good to develop.

I also had a final mentoring session with my curatorial advisor Charlotte Dew, who was such a great help with my whole approach to curating the exhibition and in editing the catalogue. After three years of putting on exhibitions at The Ceramic House with no professional help or input, it was marvelous to have a mentor who opened my eyes to so many things that I just hadn’t considered or known about. The Arts Council encouragement of having a mentor on board is a blessing and its value cannot be underestimated.