Here ends my Denmark-Brighton ceramics project of 2014. I have accomplished everything I set out to do and much more.

I have just sent off my final report to the Arts Council of England, who generously funded the project, without which it would never have been possible.

Thank you a-n for hosting my blog and providing this marvellous resource called Artists Talking where artists from every walk of life can document, comment, express views, share ideas, inspire, communicate and collaborate!

To summarise;

In the creation of my new work, I have:

–       undertaken a residency at a state-of-the-art international ceramics studio and created the first major body of my own work (i.e. not for a commission) in 19 years of working as a professional artist

–       pushed my work in a new direction, creating a brand new way of creating my ceramics slip casting porcelain

–       undertaken my first soda wood firing with astonishing results

–       created 3 new pieces of work compared to the one I planned to make

–       exhibited my new work in 3 formats in 3 exhibitions

–       participated in my first international ceramic biennial

–       driven 5,500 miles to Denmark and back twice

At The Ceramic House, I have

–       curated an acclaimed exhibition of Danish ceramics (Fantastic Tales) at The Ceramic House with 16 renowned ceramic artists

–       worked with a filmmaker to create 3 new films about The Ceramic House

–       worked with 3 photographers, a graphic designer, an editor and a writer to create a beautiful catalogue documenting the Fantastic Tales exhibition

–       led a team of students from Brighton University and volunteers in my studio and helping with all aspects of running the show at The Ceramic House

–       as an afterthought, ran a series of drop-in tile-making workshops during the Open Days of the exhibition

–       established what I hope will become a lasting, fruitful relationship with the ceramics department of Brighton University

–       received support from the Embassy of Denmark

Press and publicity:

–       Fantastic Tales attracted printed previews and features in Ceramic Review, Crafts, Pretty Nostalgic and Glazed Expressions (TACS) magazine, Absolute Magazine, The Latest magazine

–       Online articles in: Arterritory, Culture 24, Culture Nordic, and many more

–       TV feature on Latest TV

Youtube link here:


In numbers:

–       received 5527 (real) visitors to the exhibitions in Brighton plus approximately 10,000 visitors to European Ceramic Context in Bornholm

–       received 67,145 (virtual) visitors online

–       in total 82,769 people involved in this project

–       created 14 new products/commissions

–       22 artists and 75 participants directly involved in the project

–       The Ceramic house website has had 8973 visitors with 32,000 views over last 12 months; current all time views (since March 2012) – over 76,000 visits now compared to 50,000 a year ago, therefore interest has increased 50% in one year.

–       The Ceramic House Facebook page reached over 45,000 people in last 12 months with 3057 fans now compared to 751 a year ago.

And finally…

Keep an eye on my new Artists Talking blog “In A Shetland Landscape”, a collaboration with Joseph Young, which will follow our ceramics and sound residency at Scalloway Booth in August 2015 leading to an exhibition at Shetland Museum and Archives in April 2016…