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There’s been a gap. A drawing gap, that is. Well, not completely. I went away and before going had to finish 3 articles, so my drawing practice, sadly had to be put aside. It hurts when I have to do that. I fear the loss of it. So I drew as I travelled, in motorway services, petrol stops and then when we got there.

It wasn’t the same. I try to ask less of myself when on holiday by taking just one book, only a small one, and a few pens. And on my return I was finishing off my resubmission for funding, so again the thing I long to do had to wait. And now that it has gone I am ready.

Yesterday I drew a cherry picker that has been parked at the harbour for over a week now. I’ve been itching to capture it, though my fingers froze in the doing of it. I shall return today. I hope it is still there. I love that urgency. The rest of my life is a slow one. Nevertheless, my confidence is not high, it’s been too long. But from tomorrow I’ve three days. Three days of intensive paying attention. Wish me luck.