I was decisive this morning, packed my rucksack and walked straight down to the over grown area at the far end of the field (the farthest point from the dump).

I come here and pretend it’s a little forest. I have started using an app called iNaturalist, which allows me to upload a photo of something and  then use it to identify, said thing in nature.

It’s like a super power. I can learn the names of wildflowers, butterflies, caterpillars and feel like I know something. You then save this identification and can build up a whole catalogue of things you have seen. Collecting again. It’s so appealing to collect. It becomes more about the collecting than the thing itself.

I sat on a log, trying to fend off midges and drew the trees above me. Then my phone rang and I had to abort my mission and talk to a friend for an hour. How protective should I be of the field time? It is quickly eroded and is becoming less daily and more weekly now. There is this creeping suspicion that I am not committed enough.

Each day my little window to work feels smaller and smaller. I am good at making plans but not so good at prioritising time. A common complaint, I am sure. I am determined to stay anchored to this field, though. Here, all things meet for me and that includes my failings.