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It always feels like there is so much to write about this field and such little time to do it.

It plays on my mind as I pace within it. It feels like there is always a wealth of options and each day presents another story, another thing that comes into focus momentarily. It is a changing place, the colour and form always reliant on the angle you are viewing it from.

This morning’s story could go two ways (at least). There is always the finds. The randomness of objects, presenting themselves to me in a variety of places. Today, a Singer sewing machine neatly placed next to a tree, just a few feet from an empty condom wrapper. I observe these finds and contemplate their history that led them to this position within this landscape and their relationship to each other. Their unpredictable pairing.

Alongside the finds there are the changing occupiers that I chance upon. Today’s occupiers were two that I have been watching from a distance for most of the week. Two men with measuring tape, bamboo canes and a wheeled contraption they’ve been lugging up and down the hill. A pile of reserves too, gathered in a corner, packed lunches and flasks.

I have wondered about their presence and the task the they have been set, but today on wandering past decided to just ask them.

So I discover they are archaeologists, employed by a commercial developer to look for anything of interest.

The field of field notes in actually one area sectioned in to 3 parts. This field that they are working in sits west of the main one and sometimes has cattle grazing. The main, central field has been a site of archaeology interest for a number of years and has had a number of community digs, carried out by Norton Community Archaeology Group and an NHDC archaeologist. My project ‘Hidden Landscapes’ at the time 2012-13, involved looking at this dig and exploring the processes involved in this activity within the landscape.   They discovered a henge…


Anyway, these occupiers are something else completely. Inconspicuously, silently going about their work. They inform me that unfortunately they hadn’t discovered anything in this other field, although they had been hopeful. There was an air of mild disappointment in tone. This was their last day and their job was done.

So I wait for the imminent change ahead and wonder when and what will take shape in this part of the field in the years to come. I can’t decide how I feel, would it be loss, gain or just change. I think on.