Here is blossom on the pear tree. Two years ago this tree had two pears. Last year I fed and trimmed it and it produced fifteen pears.

The dwarf quince branches are reaching for the sky. It was planted last year and gave fourteen quinces.

There is blossom also on the old nameless plum tree and on the Victoria plum planted in a dustbin.

So I think about blossom, bloom, flower. These words can also mean to flourish. The plot is a place to open and develop. The plants flower and so can I.


Five herbs I picked yesterday 30 March 2020, parsley, sage, chives, mint, coriander.

A plot is a piece of land measured and marked out for growing vegetables, or maybe for a house/home. Or a secret scheme or plan for something possibly illegal. Or the events in a play or novel.

plot, blot, plan, plump, primp,

Words bring thoughts in my head, the sounds of them feelings in my body.

I will look at my plot with different eyes and ideas later today.

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