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so here we are, 2021.  the blog theme for the year is around how i’m going to hold my nerve as we exit the pandemic.  in the weeks running up to 2021 beginning, the whole pandemic affecting me and my practice took hold.  now as 2021 begins i challenge myself to hold my nerve in the coming months – to hold my own and to make progress again in my practice and personal life.



in considering the title of the blog i covered a lot of ground within my thinking.  maybe for 2021 i can reign in the over thinking and demonstrate actual things i’ve done, made and involved with,


in the coming year i will be finishing the non linear project for the museum of making and researching the 50th year anniversary project for the renal unit of derby hospital.  in november we’ll go to buxton to see grayson perry perform his show for normal people.

this year i’ll also return to facilitating sessions and begin something new and exciting.

within the 12 months of this year i will research and become more comfortable with my practice interests and processes after this was eroded within the year of 2020.

after completing the non linear project for the museum of making i would like another invitation to consider a socially engaged non linear project.

for my future self i write this:

i was optimistic at the beginning of the year recognising the work required to achieve the things i can image and those i cannot.  at the time of writing i can only really imagine the first three months of the year.  as this year develops it’ll be ok to add into the mix the aspirations for the year, as – lets face it – on new years day there’s a slight hang over from last year and all that is possible lays ahead to be discovered.