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hello, i hope this finds you well.  here in derbyshire it’s sunny.  today i’ve been finishing off a proposal in response to an opportunity.  i’m pleased with what i’ve written and learnt something into the bargain.

have you read blog posts or comments on twitter about the amount of time it takes to write proposals ?  if so you’ll know like me that there’s a perception of the time needed to write a good proposal.

today i’ve finished off one started yesterday morning.  i’m having to be gallant as the deadline is tomorrow.

as i reflected yesterday morning after reading the brief, i had a little moment of self realisation.  that of how much time to spend on a proposal.  as i considered yesterday morning wether or not to go for this particular opportunity, i could see i had a limited window of time.

i did go for it.

and what have i learnt ?  that in considering writing in response to an opportunity that a guide – for me at least – is to spend an hour per £1000 of the budget.  being neurodivergent i would also allow myself a 25% window of flex on the time based on an hour per k.

it’s something i am going to try again in the future – an hour per k – as see where it gets me.  it might just stop me attempting proposals that weren’t going to make to the short list any way.

have a great day xx


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