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‘Sea of Stars” is a joint exhibition that I am involved in working with artist Val Bright-Jones. My plan was and still is to create some ink paintings and drawings exploring the human connection with the universe, focusing on the moon and stars.

However, I started to cut up images out of magazines and charity books I’ve bought over the last few years. Then as I was reading the weekend paper, I began to notice the headlines of articles. I cut out these attention grabbing short texts and placed them next to the pictures, the juxtaposition between imagery and words really works well. I have also added an inky drawing to this first collage.

I have decided that on the day I make my artwork, I am going to buy a newspaper and add that days headlines to my collages. There may be an connection between the images and text or I might use what works best visually,  but also they are a capture of the days events as seen through the words of daily news.

Scissors, glue and ink