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Well I had to post this morning as I am ridiculously happy.  I had known that the marks for the first year of my MA were due in soon and being someone who always worries I was not looking forward to it.


I thought my proposed work was something new and exciting in art and that my presentation and research paper was really shifting things for people with autism, in respect to their ability to visit art galleries and engage but then I thought, “no stop being full of yourself, you probably did rubbishly”


Well I got the marks through today and I got a mark of 85 for both of the marked pieces and the feedback was equally amazing with loads of superlatives to make your head swell a little.

I was particularly pleased as it was suggested in the feedback that my improvements for galleries to make themselves more accessible for those with autism and sensory processing disorders were deemed something that would be “easy” for galleries and “something that galleries should seriously consider.

My main project was also suggested to be something that was “exciting” and  “original” which had to the potential to really push “boundaries”.


Praise like this is more than I could ever dream of, although it has been pointed out to me that the logistics involved could be very difficult to navigate…. but I am ready for that challenge.

Anyway I am happy and I am actually quite proud of myself and that is all I wanted to say really