Its been a busy few weeks for me: screenings, painting and making a new video.

One of the screenings is virtual and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne who runs New Media Fest. I submitted a video I made a couple of years ago made up of scans of my face:…

I had neglected this technique due to its time-consuming nature… well, that was the case until I decided that I should start scanning outside, the minutiae of nature that surrounds me which is mostly ignored.

There is a great path just up the road from my studio, grass followed by mud, then rocks, then scree… very varied and ideal for a new video. The aim was to scan the path and then join the scans together to create an animation… a simple idea in theory. One week later: 300 scans, one aching back and one neglected family… I have at last completed the images.

The amazing thing about them is that, at first glance, they appear to be unmanipulated photos, yet something seems to be wrong with the space… for each scan I slowly moved the scanner in different directions.

The locals thought I was a little crazy and wondered what on earth I was up to with 100 or so metres of extension cable, laptop and scanner… I thought I was too. I’m sure I’m onto something exciting though.

I’ve colour-corrected them already and this weekend plan to export them to FCP… that’s when the really hard work will start. I have enough images for a one minute video which, if it works out, I plan to submit to one minute film festivals. The ‘stills’ work independently, so I may print a few off, as ends in themselves and perhaps as starting points for new paintings.

This week I’ve also been playing with caustic soda on aluminium, but that’s another story.