Yesterday was a momentous occasion – all the paintings I have been working on for the past few months are now ready for exhibiting. I can relax a little now.

It feels like the end of a chapter – I suppose I view a short burst of creativity, where all the paintings are closely linked, to recording an album.

Also, in a sense, they belong in my studio, remnants of the frantic activity that has recently gone on and will be taken out of context when they are shown in galleries. The paintings represent what I’m interested in at this particular time and now I can move on to something else. The exciting thing is, I don’t know what is to come in the coming months.

I photographed everything and was really pleased to see them on the computer screen, somehow you view them differently reproduced and it helps assess them. One in particular stood out to me… my studio looks a tip, the painting is one I’ve not given much attention to since it was finished, but the painting photographed grabbed my attention.


It was good to receive a flyer this morning from Silvie Turner advertising her upcoming artists’ book show – which includes ‘Path’ by me. I’ve been so bogged down by preparing paintings for exhibiting during the past few weeks – tidying up edges, screwing in hooks, touching up – that I’ve almost forgotten about the end result, the shows.

I sent ‘Path’ to her a few weeks ago, the end book worked out well – I just need to find the time to promote it now and to create a ‘Path’ website. I also sent the British Library a copy and am waiting to hear if they need additional copies for the other copy libraries.

Back to painting for now though…