Internet access has been difficult since I moved unfortunately, but it has allowed me to dedicate more time to renovating the house. (Internet now sorted thankfully.)

Today I finished painting my new studio – small, but just big enough to paint the new 180 x 200 cm canvases for a show in New York; it will be a tight squeeze and that floor may be a distraction, but it’s better than the corner of a bedroom.

I mentioned to our new neighbour, a very sweet elderly lady, that I’m a painter by trade, not a professional DIYer and she very kindly said that she could arrange for my paintings to be shown in the local hairdresser’s… I was touched by her kindness, I did explain that they are quite abstract, very large and not to everyone’s taste. It’s good to be known locally though, so I thought I’d introduce myself to the art school in Perpignan and see what emerges.

Just the facade of the house to paint now and the shutters, then on with the real paintings which I’m itching to start, it’s been too long now.