I’m taking advantage of stuck-at-home time to archive my work …. and actually though it’s taken ages and I still have a (gradually reducing) backlog, seeing all my work together is really good and it means I’ve been documenting more systematically. I might have just tucked this drawing away somewhere otherwise.


An advantage of the online system is the ability to quickly make a selective inventory file – up to now I’ve had to spend ages re-finding measurements etc. so fingers crossed I will save time in the long run. The inventory facility has already proved useful and I’ve also been able to direct someone who wanted an overview to the portfolio.

I still like being able to sort work by project and context on my website though….

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Well, I almost never paint. It makes me nervous and I am in awe of the tradition of painting and the discourse around it. But I kind of wanted to have a go again. So here is the result.

To put my mind at rest I am quoting this from @frieze_magazine on Twitter:

‘If women’s work is often read through their biographies, then perhaps Wilke’s challenges us to see things differently: insisting that art is not born of overarching narratives, but lives lived day to day.’ Caroline Marciniak reviews Hannah Wilke at @Alison_Jacques

So, this is part of my everyday at the moment, with my limited ability to get out and about, though I do get out and about in good weeks when my energy levels are up. But for a lot of time, I am at home, with flowers brought to my by my husband. There is something cheering about engaging with the world through the domestic environment.

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