Sockosaurus has returned…… with piercings (the naughty boy!).

Thank you to Sockateer C who helped him on his way, taking him, so I hear, via a cultural trip to Compass to see some Performance Art. What an intellectual chap he is (who ever would have thought that dinosaurs had small brains).

Find Sockateer C (Carole Miles) here:http://carole-miles.blogspot.com/

sockateer s


When Sock B(7) arrived the parcel weighed 60g, the sock 20g

Now Sock B(8) weighs 28g, but to all outward appearances, nothing has changed…

The parcel weighs 81g and is soon winging its way to Oxfordshire. I think we should also log the miles?

Also, we have joyous news about sock B(8)!

I think it was all the sitting on it that Sockateer S did!


In “Badiou’s Challenge to Art and its Education: Or, ‘art cannot be taught – it can however educate!’” by Jan Jagodinski I came across this:

“The happening of the event is a ‘subtractive’ process as opposed to the ‘purifying’ process of mathematics. Mathematics is unable to inform the event. They are separate spheres…”

I select this small section to show here, just as a taster, to get us thinking about whether or not this text might have anything to do with our project, where we have chosen to perform an event, and also attach the maths to that event. Is there a point in doing both? Or is that exactly why we should do both?

Sockateers S and D… over to you… I can send a PDF of the text if you like?

Sockateer E


Here is the beast. B(7)

Awating some ‘weights and measures’ evidence from the official weighbridge.

sockateer s


I think I have just encountered sock B’s darker side. It may, however, only be transitory……

sockateer s


I have been a very negligent sockateer – for which I apologise. I have been sitting on a sock for a week.

Coming soon…. Sock B(7)……♥

sockateer s