well  i thought it was best to make this post all though it will most likely become a footnote in this blog.

i have done the printout. assesed the work. bought the exstention lead and tape to tape the cable down.

im not going to say to much about this as it is what it is at the end off the day. opne of them things that needs to be done in life, ( regardless of how we feel about some of the questions that are just common scence)

but its all done now so one more thing ticked off the sheet of things to do.


I have been moving my stuff from one space to the other. i have painted the walls floor and plinths. i have got the projector hidden and have worked out where everything is going.

I have also started bringing al the work from the flat back to the studio. and have began to lay the work out. so it can be market. i have spoken to avid and Robin who both think that placing my work informant of the sink was the best place to keep my work because my space has turnt into an insulation. that is why i have not placed my work in my space.




for this show i have been keeping 2 sketch books.

the A4 is a book for on site. i keep it as a way for me to make notes and quick sketches and plans in the studio. the A3 is for me to go more into planning. this is where i will try to do come up with ideas and think more about how the planning will go.

i will openly admit that i found working on the A4 to be a lot better. this is because it is my personal preffrence. i like working in A5 and A4 books i find working in A3 to be to big and my drawings and planning get lost in the page.

the reason i worked on the a3 was because i felt that it was important to have more detailed sketches. this was alps a place for me to add photos of the space as it progressed.


the space has come along well i have been gaining some interest in my show now. i have been updating snap-chat. every day or so and have reached 320 views with 163 reviews. world wide. i think that snap chat is a good social media platform for me because of the way the images only stay on line for 24 hours. and if you miss it then its gone. i think this is a good way to make people come back to see how things have progressed.

i have also briefly yes fling as a way of gaining intrest in my work. i belive this is how i gaind the intrest of most of my followers from the easten side of the world. all thought i dont think i used this to the best of its advantage. this is because i was unformillior with the app and i dont think my work was reaching the right demographic age group as well as people who was intrested in art.

i thing given enough time i would have been able to learn how to navigate the app better. but unfortunatly the app was updated when i was still in the learning phase and i felt it was taking up to much of my time.

i was happy with the gains i made from the app.


trying to print this blog is a lot harder then i thought it would be. i have tried to Print screen but the text is too small. i have tried to print from the website but it layers text over itself.

I have asked for advice from the group chat and i have had the same ideas given to be. I’ll have to check in the face book page in the morning and see if anyone has any new ideas.


next day:

waking up this morning to see if there has been any new ideas and have found a few helpfully ideas, i have desided to try again with the print screening. i think i was proberly just annoyed at tired last night. that is what im going to put my frustration down to.

the common idea was to use a ipad to print screen the blog and print that way unfortunately i don’t  have one to hand. so i have tryed to be more practical. i thought about just copying and pasting it straight into a word document.