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My reflections on the auction that we had to raise money for our end of year degree show.In short i must say the entier show went very well we was able to raise a lot of money (£8000) give or take a few pounds. We had some amazing works donated to use by people such a sarah lucas and Billy Childish.The whole class had a role to play in making the show run smoothly. it was weeks of preparation, with a few busy days running around trying to set all the work up. making sure it was evenly spaced and well presented. I found myself working with India as I always do, we made quite the team making sure all the work was hanging well in our section.

The day of the auction everyone was dressed in black and we set up the last little bits before our guests arrived was finished such as the bar, the health and safety talk and our team talk when this was all done. our guests started to arrive, I think I speak for most of us when I say, I felt relieved when the 1st wave of guessed shows up. I finally felt like it was happening.

we gave our guests an hour to mingle and wander round, look at the work that was up for grabs. before taking them into the auction room. The wait outside the room once all the guests had been seated, was actually rather nerve racking. we could hear them laughing which made it all rather odd.

once the work went in we all finally got to see what was going on one at a time ( if you was taking the work in that was). it was only then I realised what it was they were all laughing at. it was the auctioneer. he was rather funny.

as soon as the work was sold we had to carry it over as quickly as we could to the wrapping department so the work could be labeled as to who bought them. Then we was off to get the next bit of work and take it in.

the whole thing was a rather fun experience and went really well.
Apparently this auction was one of the most successful the fine art department has ever done.