We’ve recently had two visiting artists at college, Simon Woolham and Gurps Kaur. Both have been really interesting to talk to and bounce ideas off. Next week, we have a studio visit to Wysing Art Centre, in Bourn near Cambridge… can’t wait!

I’m trying not to worry too much about the fast approaching exhibition, and just keep carrying on (much easier said than done). Currently, my attentions have been turned to monoprinting, as I was feeling a bit disatisfied with the results of my glass domes. I wanted the images inside to have a less controlled quality, so decided to experiment with a bit of printing (which I’ve not done for ages – not sure this is the best time to start doing something that’s new but I like to scare myself sometimes…). Luckily, it was a happy experiment, and I’ve been enjoying the process.

I’ve also started making little collages and paintings on scraps of cardboard, which I plan to display in groups, or ‘constellations’. To be honest, these are interesting me more than the domes at the moment, so I need to make some decisions about what I plan on actually exhibiting in the final show. Or maybe I’ll just leave it til the last minute.

Plans for the show are coming along OK I think. We have all been assigned a colour, which is our ‘branding’ for the exhibition… I don’t quite understand it all, but I am a very pale blue. I’d probably not normally choose pale blue as a colour to represent myself, but Fine Arts have been given gradients of blue to choose from and pale blue looked the prettiest.

We have a photography studio at college booked for Thursday morning to get some of our work photographed, ready for brochures etc. The pressure’s on to get some pieces fully finished for then!