It appears that the relative calm I felt last week was merely delusional, as it’s full on proper stress time now. To complicate things, my boys are now on half-term from school, so the next couple of days will be spent juggling degree stuff (important) with mum stuff (even more important).

Our brochures have come back from the printers and everyone’s really happy with them. As it was decided that we wouldn’t have an exhibition brochure for the whole college (we’ve got individual postcards instead), us Fine Art students felt rather sad, so we decided to make our own little brochure just for the 5 of us. It was my first time a) using Indesign and b) getting something professionally printed, so I was really worried I’d screw it up somehow. The relief that it’s all turned out ok is pretty immense.

The private viewing for our show is on Tuesday evening but we’re being thrown out of college by midday for assessments to start (and we can’t get in on Monday due to the bank holiday). None of my work is installed yet (although I’ve painted everything white and put some screws in a board) as I have a list of minor and not-so-minor finishing touches to make – I’m hoping 3 hours on Tuesday morning is going to be enough time to put it all in place.

I’m excited about getting some sleep when this is all over.


I can’t believe this is finally it…tomorrow is technically our Last Day! Or, at least, it’s the last day for handing in anything we’re not planning on exhibiting. After that, we have a couple of weeks to add finishing touches to anything for the show, which opens for the private view on 31st May.

We have a degree show website (which is soon to have links to a personal page with some info and images): www.uncoated.co/. The Graphic Design students who we’ve been organising the show with have been absolutely brilliant – everything looks great.

Strangely, I don’t feel as stressed as I’d thought I would/should be at this point… maybe it’s the calm before the storm. After handing in my work tomorrow, I have a face-painting assignment at my boys’ school sports event (!) and after that, it will be an intense fortnight of getting things ready for the show. It all feels a bit surreal that after nearly 3 years the end is in sight. It’s a strange old mix of emotions.